Pre- & Postnatal Education Practices in a Midwestern State

Marcie Harris, SPT
Emily Mensen, SPT
Carly Uecker, SPT

Balance and Bilateral Control in Children with a History of Congenital Muscular Torticollis

Jessie Miller, SPT
Justine Van Zee, SPT
Holly Watson, SPT

Left & Right Laterality Judgement in the Athletic Older Population

Courtney Kirkeide, SPT
Blake Story, SPT

Comparison of Balance and Strength Between Division I Collegiate Track & Field Athletes and Healthy, Active Individuals

Zack Olson, SPT
Trevor Bollinger, SPT
Carl Schumann, SPT

Reliability and Validity of an Instrumented device for Measuring Functional Ankle Mobility

Elizabeth Dano, SPT
Tiffany Hopper, SPT
Cole Miller, SPT

The Effectiveness of the Y-Balance Test in Predicting Running-Related Injuries Over the Course of a Division I Collegiate Cross-Country Season

Steven Weber, SPT, ATC
Creighton Thompson, SPT

Factors Predictive of Equinus Deformity Relapse and Subsequent Need for Repeated Casting in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Brooke Gebhart, SPT
Hannah Klinkhammer, SPT
Tanner Munk, SPT

Effects of Yoga Intervention in Children: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Stephanie Prinsen, SPT
Austin Krier, SPT

A Comparison of Resilience and Resistance to Burnout within Doctor of Physical Therapy Students and Practicing Physical Therapists: Preliminary Results

Haley Jorgensen, SPT
Erik Keating, SPT

The Impact of Service Learning on Choice of Future Health Career

Hailey Lick, SPT, ATC
Faye King, SPT

Walking Speed Reserve As a Screen for Fall Risk and Co-Morbidities in Aging Athletes

Avery Allen, SPT
Allison Deering, SPT
Jacob Munger, SPT

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