Analysis of Stress, Coping Strategies, and Academic Success in PT, OT, and PA Students: Updated Results

Shelby Brunick, SPT
Cooper Hausmann, SPT
Brittany Neagbour, SPT

Two-Point Discrimination Testing: Clinical Testing Methods

Gina Dendinger, SPT
Macey Engel, SPT
Jordan Mitzel, SPT

The Effects of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy on Functional Balance in Children: Preliminary Results

Katie Schuelke, SPT
Elizabeth Waltner, SPT

Effectiveness of Protective Stepping Intervention to Reduce Fall Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Nicole Sikkink, SPT
Beth King, SPT
Will Whitlock, SPT

How Do Competitive Aging Swimmers Compare to Other Aging Athletes? An Analysis of Senior Athlete Fitness Exam Data

Kristen McFarland, SPT
Shantel Norman, SPT
Jenifer Paul, SPT

Physical Performance Measures that Predict Success in Competitive Senior Swimmers

Katie Nour, SPT
Maggie Loudenslager, SPT
Travis Bolstad, SPT

Effects of Peripheral Neuropathy on Sensory Interactions for Balance in Children Undergoing Chemotherapy: Preliminary Results

Tory Gross, SPT
Kyle Behl, SPT

Effects of Preoperative Education on Postoperative Outcomes Following Total Hip or Total Knee Arthroplasty

Colton Ketelhut, SPT
Anna Ruppelt, SPT

Relationship Between a Single Leg Balance Task and Isometric Ankle and Hip Strength in a Healthy Population

Scott Strand, SPT
Zachary Schneider, SPT
Anthony Husher, SPT

Hit Count Volume and Upper Extremity Performance Measures in Division I Volleyball Players Over a Competitive Season

Dustin Javers, SPT
Allison Thielsen, SPT
Hans Tvedt, SPT
James Whitcher, SPT

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