IFSP Rating Scale

Jennifer Hall, SPT
Shelbi Hatfield, SPT
Sarah Moen, SPT
Alyssa Pfeifle, SPT

Ballistic Movements in Children with Ponseti Correction

Renee Burnham, SPT
Boni Slagerman, SPT
Mark Wilcox, SPT

Competitive Sport Type on Flexibility, Injury, and Fall Risk in Aging Athletes

Jenna Sieve, SPT
Sara Peterson-Baker, SPT
Marisa Blackwell, SPT

Active Contraction and Passive Stretching on Myofascial Trigger Points in Shoulder

Matthew Hodgden, SPT
Rhianna Hoffman, SPT
Kristin Arens, SPT

Flexibility of the Aging Athlete

Jacy Brown, SPT
Britt Wickett, SPT
Clay Lovro, SPT

Comparison of Shoulder ER/IR and Flexion/ Extension Strength Ratio Using Cybex vs 10-RM with Weighted Pulley

Kelsey Tobin, SPT
Steven Blom, SPT

Group-Based Training for Balance in Older Adults

Chelsey Michel, SPT
Christa Wolf, SPT
Mary Okine, SPT

Student Internship Perspectives from Clinical Partners

Jena Haigh, SPT
Dawn Williams, SPT

Reliability and Norms of Pressure Pain Threshold Testing in Lateral Wrist Extensors

Spencer Laufmann, SPT
Melissa Muehler, SPT,
Tyler Sarringar, SPT

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