Resilience and Burnout: Students vs Practicing Clinicians

Chloe Cornemann, SPT
Sydney Giese, SPT
Abby Mettler, SPT, MEd, ATC
Hannah Wolzen, SPT

Competitive Aging Cyclists: Variables Associated with Successful Performance

Alana Hall, SPT
Cayla Hirsch, SPT
Kelsey Knecht, SPT
Miranda Ristau, SPT

The Effects of Cycling on Bone Health in Senior Athletes

Micah Hettinger, SPT
Chesney Nagel, SPT
Ember Newman, SPT
Ashley Wilson, SPT

The Influence of Hop Width during the Crossover Hop Test

Jon Albright, SPT
Barry Ehlers, SPT
Taylor Glasoe, SPT
Shanna Selby, SPT

The Effects of Congenital Muscular Torticollis on Postural Control Among Four to Six-Year-Old Children

Josh Henderson, SPT
Alyssa Matson, SPT
Nicci McGuire, SPT
Brett Steffen, SPT

Effectiveness of an Injury Prevention Program on Division I Track & Field Runners

Courtney Almendinger, SPT
Aaron Lemon, SPT
Brooke Ireland, SPT
Anna Sudbeck, SPT

A Cross-Sectional Observational Study Testing Reliability and Validity for Tactile Acuity with Grid Localization in Healthy Patients

Molly Horning, SPT
Luke Laycock, SPT
Leslie Terwilliger, SPT

Knowledge of Pelvic Health Among Undergraduate Students

Taylor Hovaldt, SPT, ATC
Kelsey Grosshuesch, SPT
Erica Thyen, SPT, ACSM-EP
Lexie Weier, SPT

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