Motivating Older Adults to Participate in Physical Activity

Jenna Mammenga, SPT
Deandra Woebke, SPT
Kyler Bergeson, SPT
Drew Keuck, SPT

Effective Interventions to Treat Postpartum Diastasis Recti: A Systematic Review

Michaela Hauer, SPT
Cassandra Jones, SPT
Mattison Munger, SPT
Cassidy Wethor, SPT

The Effects of Tactile Acuity Training on Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Paige Drenth, SPT
Ty Garrett, SPT
Caleb Gunn, SPT
Amy Roby, SPT

Analysis of Perfectionism on Perceived Stress and Sleep Hygiene in Physical Therapy Students

Lindsay Cowman, SPT
Trey Furgeson, SPT
JP Noonan, SPT

Dry Needling for Relief of Spasticity in Patients with Chronic Stroke: An Evidence Synthesis

Morgan Darner, SPT
Tristen Rush, SPT
Emily Wald, SPT
Christian Whitesell, SPT

The Influence of Cognitive Loading on Landing Mechanics: A Systematic Review

Tyler Havard, SPT
Jenny Hofer, SPT
Paul Johnson, SPT
Rachael Severson, SPT

Applying the Current Acute-to-Chronic Workload Ratio Considerations to Running Related Injury Prevention

Chris James, SPT
Colton Johnson, SPT
Cailey Roth, SPT
Justine Schroeder, SPT

The Effectiveness of Conservative Management in Improving the Severity of Pectus Excavatum in Children & Young Adults: A Systematic Review

McKenze Carlson, SPT
Emma Kays, SPT
Cassidy Pringle, SPT
Kristi Steptoe, SPT

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