Resilience and Burnout: Students vs Practicing Clinicians

Chloe Cornemann, PT, DPT, Sydney Giese, PT, DPT, Abby Mettler, PT, DPT, MEd, ATC, Hannah Wolzen, PT, DPT, Joy Karges-Brown, PT, EdD, MS

Click on image above to expand poster. Click on video below to play recorded presentation.

2 Comments on “Resilience and Burnout: Students vs Practicing Clinicians

  1. Great job on the poster!

    You mentioned in the conclusion that due to the high burnout rate and levels of emotional stress, that students may need access to services on campus and help from faculty. What types of services are available to students on campus to help with such issues?



  2. Great poster!
    This research topic is very interesting and also important as burnout among students and practicing clinicians is on the rise. Was there a correlation between grade point average and exhaustion? Did those students who have a higher grade point average have less exhaustion compared to those who have a lower grade point average? Thank you.


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